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Picture Book

For Made-to-Order requests, we have developed a “Seat Picture Book” to help customers identify and communicate to us the general seat configuration inside their vehicle.

Whilst we have our own records of what type of seats your car should have, to help reduce errors we give you the option of nominating a “Picture Number” from the Seat Picture Book, when placing your order.

In the Made-to-Order form, underneath the information about each row of seats you are ordering, you will see a box asking you to nominate a Picture Number. This is not compulsory, but will assist in making sure your order is processed correctly.

*Please note: The seat images represented inside this document are for general reference only. They are not intended to be an exact replica of each seat, but a general indication to help us check your order with our pattern library.

The main purpose is to identify any split folds the car may have, how many headrests, if armrests are present, etc.
For example, a S101 (front seat) indicates a general front bucket seat with separate head rests. A Holden, Ford, and Toyota sedan may all have “S101” type seats in the front, but the exact size and dimensions of the seats are of course different.

Click Here to view or download the latest version of the Seat Picture Book.