Vehicle technology is rapidly changing, and one of the key advancements in recent years is the introduction of airbags into passenger vehicles.

When airbags were first introduced, it was common for manufacturers to only have side airbags fitted to the seats of higher end vehicles models in their range. Nowadays, airbags are included in the base models of most vehicles in the market place.

In anticipation of this change, Seat Cover World developed technology to ensure its seat covers continued to be safe and compatible with seats fitted with side deployment airbags. The result was our S.A.T (Side Airbag Technology) stitching.

S.A.T stitching works using a break-away thread along the side of the seat cover, that opens upon deployment of the side airbag. This is the same type of technology employed by vehicle manufacturers to allow for the safe activation of the side air bag from the seat.

Seat Cover World had S.A.T enabled seat covers tested by independent testing facilities and they have been proven not to hinder the safe activation of side air bags from vehicle seats. Below are images showing examples of successful airbag deployment tests performed on these seat covers.

Seat Cover World currently have S.A.T stitching standard in the following sizes:

  • Size 30/50 or 35/45 (unless otherwise noted on the product)
  • Vehicle Specific sizes
  • Made to Order products (for vehicles where side airbags are present)