Frequently Asked Questions

What are “Made to Order” seat covers?

Also known as “Custom Made” seat covers, each set of Made to Order seat covers is individually made to your requirements. After we receive your order, including your vehicle identification and your choice of seat cover material, the seat covers are then cut and sewn at our production facility in Melbourne.

I have found a design I like on your website….how do I know if it is available in Made to Order?

Look for the option “made to order” it will describe either YES/NO . When you are on the product page for any seat cover, underneath the description it will list the size available in that design.

What is the difference between “Made to Order” and “Vehicle Specific” seat covers?

Made to Order seat covers are individually made for your vehicle in the fabric of your choice, and are only produced once we receive your order. Once you place your order, they require approximately 2 weeks to be produced if not sooner and then shipped to your location.

Vehicle specific seat covers are premade in larger quantities and are available immediately. They are made in a universal fabric and colour, and they are available off the shelf in store (depending on store stock range and availability). The vehicle specific range covers many of the top selling vehicles in the market and is a more economical option, so it is worth checking if there is a Vehicle Specific product for your vehicle before choosing the Made to Order option.

How do I know if you can make Seat Covers to suit my vehicle?

Seat Cover World have thousands of vehicle patterns on file, and we continually update our pattern library with new vehicles as they are released. Once you place your order our patterns department will check to ensure we have a pattern for your vehicle. If we have a pattern, production will proceed without delay. If we do not have a pattern for your vehicle we will endeavour to obtain a new pattern which may require some additional time. If this is the case we will contact you to advise you of the situation.

What is the lead time for Made to Order seat covers?

In most cases Made to Order seat covers will be completed within 2 weeks of the order being received. This is mainly dependent on your vehicle pattern being available within our pattern library, and your choice of fabric also being available. If the pattern or fabric is not available additional time will be required, and we will contact you to advise you of the situation. You must also allow additional time for freight / delivery of the seat covers to your store location.

Are all the universal Seat Covers designs I see in your range available in Made to Order?

Most of the Fabric, Canvas or Sheepskin designs shown in our universal ranges are available in Made to Order, however there will be some designs where this option is not available.