Benefit of Sheepskin Seat Covers

Sheepskin provides benefits available from no other seat cover.

Wool provides thermal insulation

  • It provides warmth in Winter This comes from the insulation properties of air trapped within the wool fibre. This entrapped air quickly rises to body temperature and provides natural comfort at body temperature.
  • Cool comfort in Summer This comes from the fact that wool is able to absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture before becoming wet.

Wool provides comfort beyond the support of the car seat.

  • The numerous fibres of wool in each seat cover acts as micro springs giving ultimate support and providing optimum satisfaction to eliminate any passenger discomfort.

Woollen seat covers are odour resistant.

  • This is made possible through natural antimicrobial properties inherent bacterial growth with resultant odour resistant seat covers.

The benefits of wool are consistent across all grades of sheepskin covers, primarily identified by the wool length on packaging, but noting that hair density is important.

The benefits of grades are:

  • More wool in the higher grades (a combination of fibre length and density) enable the premium grade to impact a larger degree of the natural benefits.
  • The greater fibre density of the premium grades provides a higher degree of passenger comfort.

The seat covers are lined with special black polyester lining for seat protection.

Made to order seat covers for specific vehicles and accessories are also available.