S.A.T (Side Airbag Technology) stitching is the name for the stitching used in the side of the seat cover that enables the safe deployment of the side airbag.

Each set of seat covers fitted with S.A.T stitching has an identification label on the inside. If you wish to locate the S.A.T stitching for your own assurance, please turn the seat covers inside out, and sewn into the side seams you will see a long barcode tag. This tag certifies the SAT stitching is present, and the seat cover is indeed suitable to use on seats with side airbags.

Below is an image of what a typical S.A.T barcode label looks like for your reference:

It is however important to adhere to the fitting instructions which come with the seat cover. In particular is the requirement to ensure the seam on the seat cover which has been designed to allow for the safe activation of the side air bag is aligned over the corresponding seam of the original seat.